We only accept the best education and training to staff our Company.  Internship is required.


The Medical Transcription School we currently use is Med Workshops due to their intern program. 



Work at Home

Follow our training suggestions to be assured of working with professional companies like

CMR Transcription.


  • CMR accepts students or trainees from only the best medical transcription schools.  Our requirements are standard for industry professionals.  Internship provides the experience needed prior to starting your career.   
  • Since the 1990s CMR has strongly supported a personal approach to MT training.  We do not approve of education without a trained instructor.  Online programs run by a computer are have not been adequate.
  • We like at-home courses.  It's wonderful to do your training from home at your own speed.  We can't emphasize enough the value of a personal instructor and finishing with internship. 
  • We accept credentialed graduates, but do not require credentials.  Internship is much more important in order to learn the newest software systems and templates.
  • We will suggest top Vocational Schools if you request information.

* Attend a top school offering an internship. View Med Workshops Medical Transcription School as an example of training we accept. Do not choose a cheap Diploma Mill. They aren't adequate to be a professional.


We hope to be involved in the training of many new people during this period of large growth for CMR Transcription!